Car In Hawaii Rentals

When you come to The Big Island of Hawaii, driving a local-style rental car is a great way to get around. 

Car In Hawaii provides a variety of vehicles such as economy cars, vans, 4x4s, and trucks at discounted prices.

Our rental car rates are the same for locals and visitors alike.

Call 808-936-6347 to book your rental car reservation on The Big Island of Hawaii today. 

Schedule to pick up your vehicle in Hilo. We can also deliver your rental car to Kona Side with a reasonable delivery charge.

Please Note: To reserve a rental vehicle, payment is due in full. You agree to pay for the rental vehicle in advance. Our prices reflect that we do have some older vehicles. There may be some non-essential features that are inoperable.

Refunds: We will reserve a vehicle for you which means we are unable to rent it to someone else. Therefore it may be non-refundable. Also, there are generally no refunds for early returns.

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