Reasons to book your car rental now in Hilo on Big Island Hawaii

  1. Lowest rate offered for basic car(350-100=250)

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  2. Price match guarantee
  3. $250 per week includes tax and fees
  4. Additional $25 off with review(total $225)
  5. Only 4 cars per week at this rate
  6. Performance guarantee

Car In Hawaii Rentals

When you come to the Big Island (Kona, Pahoa and Hilo), driving a local style rental is a great start to getting you around.

Car in Hawaii provides economy car, van, and truck rentals at discount prices.

Our prices are the same for locals(kama’aina) and visitors.

Call for a special van rate

Hilo or Kona side (Kona has extra $150 fee for delivery)

Call or text 808-936-6347.

To reserve a rental vehicle, payment is due in full. You agree to pay for the rental vehicle in advance. Our prices reflect that we have some older vehicles and some nonessential features may be inoperable.  A/C and radio and all essentials do work.

Refunds: We will reserve a vehicle for you which means we are unable to rent it to someone else. Therefore it maybe NON-REFUNDABLE. There are generally no refunds for early returns.

To receive the added $25 review rebate

After you return car rental complete an online review and share on any social media. Upon rental return call for more details.

Limited time and limited cars. You fill out the form and You get it.