Visit the beautiful waterfalls in Hilo with Car In Hawaii — the best car rental company.

Map out your journey on the Big Island of Hawaii with waterfalls. Book your reservation with the best local car rental company on the island. Then plan to go see the top three waterfalls near Hilo.

Remember to pack a reusable water bottle and a light raincoat for your fun hikes. Spend time around beautiful nature scenes. Live and breathe Aloha. 

To start, number one on our list…

1. ‘Akaka Falls

Screen Shot 2022-08-25 at 17.54.18

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Images from Department of Land and Natural Resources Division of State Parks

‘Akaka Falls State Park will leave your mind and body refreshed. You’ll get to see two waterfalls on the trail. Visit Kahuna Falls along the way to the larger waterfall: ‘Akaka Falls. The scenic path is easy. It will only take 30 minutes round trip, but it will lead you through lovely tropical sights. Enjoy the flourishing green path to the magnificent 442-foot Waterfall.

  • Hours: 8 AM – 5 PM
  • Admission Fees: *Credit Card Only* 
    • $5 for non-residents
    • Parking Fee

  • Waterfall Heights:
    • ‘Akaka Falls: 442 ft.
    • Kahuna Falls: 100 ft.
  • Finding The Waterfall: Easy uphill trek from the ‘Akaka Falls Loop Trailhead

  • Trail: ‘Akaka Falls Loop Trail (0.4 miles)
  • Finding The Trailhead: Just off the parking lot

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2. Rainbow (Waianuenue) Falls

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The Rainbow Falls gets its name from the prisms that get reflected amid the falling waters. View the rainbows during special times of daylight. You are likely to catch sights of the beautiful prisms in the early mornings. The wide landscape hosts a lava cave behind the waterfall. This gorgeous attraction is on the Wailuku River. It’s very close to downtown Hilo. When you’re there, don’t forget to check out the small hike to see the Banyan trees, river, and a top view of the waterfall.

  • Hours: Daily during daylight hours
  • Admission Fees: Free

  • Waterfall Height: 80 ft.
  • Finding The Waterfall: Just in front of the parking lot

  • Trail: 15 min.
  • Finding The Trailhead: Stairs to the left of the lookout

3. Pe’epe’e Falls & The Boiling Pots

Screen Shot 2022-08-25 at 17.55.01

Photography by jongela19

Screen Shot 2022-08-25 at 17.55.11

Photography by ewen and donabel

Screen Shot 2022-08-25 at 17.55.23

Photograph of Boiling Pots by MikeOliveri

About one-and-a-half miles up the road from Rainbow Falls is Pe’epe’e Falls. At this location, you can visit the Pe’epe’e Waterfall and The Boiling Pots. The latter is a series of small tubs with rapid-filling waters that bubble up. They are not hot. The entire area is great for rock scrambling and adventurous treks off the beaten path.

Caution: The waterfalls will drop with varying intensity given the amount of rainfall up the river. There are many climates on the Big Island of Hawaii. You never know if it is raining anywhere along the 28-mile-long Wailuku River. So, swimming at Pe’epe’e Falls and The Boiling Pots can be fatal without proper guidance. 

  • Hours: Daily during daylight hours
  • Admission Fees: Free

  • Waterfall Height: About 80 ft.
  • Finding The Waterfall: Within Wailuku River State Park Boiling Pots Section

  • Trail: 0.3 m. to The Boiling Pots viewpoint
  • Finding The Trailhead: Parking lot of Wailuku River State Park Boiling Pots Section

Check out our map below for the exact location of the three waterfalls: ‘Akaka Falls, Rainbow (Waianuenue) Falls, Pe’epe’e Falls + The Boiling Pots for easy navigation.

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