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When you rent a vehicle from Car In Hawaii, you can rely on us because we make reservations. Call or text our number 808-936-6347. Please text the following for the fastest service: dates needed, location, and how many seats.

After you have received your vehicle and are ready to explore, be sure to check out the colorful beaches on The Big Island of Hawaii. Spend sunny beach days soaking up the rays and breathing in the pure, fresh, and magical Aloha spirit.

Black, White, and Green Sand Beaches

One of the most remarkable traits of visiting Hawaii is the beaches. Not only are the waters and landscape gorgeous, but the unique trait of having colored beaches is novel to the entire world.

First on our list is The Green Sand Beach which is one of the only few green-colored beaches in the world!

Green Sand Beach

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The Green Sand Beach on the southern end of The Big Island of Hawaii is one of the only green sand beaches on the planet. It was formed from a rare volcano eruption. The sand is green because of the lava’s green olivine crystals. When the material rises to meet the seawater, the hot lava turns into sand.

If you go to visit The Green Sand beach, please note that you will have to walk there. The destination is about three miles from the parking lot. You cannot drive any vehicles to the beach even if there are gates open. So, don’t drive your rental vehicle on the dirt.

The bluff walk to the beach takes less than an hour and is mostly flat. So, park your local rental car in the parking area then enjoy a nice walk. When you’re there, stay for an all-day-long beach session. And don’t forget to take pictures!

Black Sand Beaches

Next, there are many beautiful Black Sand Beaches in Hawaii. Why not visit them all? The reason why the sand is black is that it is made up of volcanic remnants and broken-up lava. The main component of these things is iron, a mineral that provides for the dense dark color.

Below, you will find a nice long list of places you can go to enjoy long beautiful beach days. Remember to bring a lot of water because the Black Sand Beaches can get extra hot. Don’t forget sunglasses, a hat, and sunblock too.

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  • Punalu’u Beach

  • Kaimu Beach

  • Pohoiki Beach

  • Richardson Ocean Park Beach

  • Waipi’o Valley Beach

  • Pololu Valley Beach

White Sand Beaches

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Finally, we come to the White Sand Beaches of The Big Island of Hawaii. The reason why white makes the color of the White Sand Beaches is that the sand is actually ground up coral. The material is made of a mineral that we have in our bones! The color of coral, when it is alive, ranges in many colors. We see this when we are scuba diving. In essence, White Sand Beaches are made of coral skeletons.

This classic and iconic colored beach makes us think about dipping our feet in the water and walking along the shore to find shells. So, when you’re at the White Sand Beaches, take long strolls and remember to enjoy the sunset.

Below is a list of many of the White Sand Beaches in Hawaii.

  • Anaehoomalu Bay

  • Carlsmith Beach Park

  • Kauna’oa Beach

  • Hapuna Beach

  • Anaeho’omalu Beach

  • Kuki’o Beach

  • Manini’owali Beach

  • Mahai’ula Beach

  • White Sands Beach Park

We Keep Reservations

At Car In Hawaii — we keep reservations. You can be sure that when you book a rental car reservation with us, you will have a vehicle during your stay. Whether you’re a local or a tourist, you will receive the same best rates and service.

Don’t wait, book your rental car today then look forward to your trip. If you want to know more information, feel free to check us out. We have a website — mahalo.




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