Here are the three best places to eat in Hilo with open-air or outdoor seating as recommended by Car In Hawaii — the best business out of all rental car companies on the island.

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Car In Hawaii is the best out of all car rental companies on The Big Island of Hawaii. We want you to stay safe and comfortable during your travels — especially when eating out. If you prefer eating with breathable seating conditions during the pandemic, we hope that you will enjoy this blog post.

During the pandemic, it’s nice to find places to eat with good and comfortable seating accommodations. Businesses to eat at with open-air or outdoor seating are refreshing. In this blog post, the restaurants were specifically chosen because of their seated arrangements as well as their high ratings. We hope that you and your family stay safe and enjoy dining out in Hilo, Hawaii.

Please remember, Car In Hawaii is here for your transportation needs. There are many car rental companies in Hawaii, but we are here with the most affordable prices on the island. If you are looking to visit the island or you live here and need a vehicle, contact us today to schedule an appointment by calling us at 808-936-6347. Mahalo.

So, first on our list of the top three places to eat with fresh Aloha air seating is…

  1. Pineapple’s Island Fresh Cuisine

  • Hours: Closed Mondays | Daily 11 AM – 9 PM

    • Fridays & Saturdays: Open until 9:30 PM

    • Happy Hour: 3 PM – 5 PM

  • Website:

  • Phone Number: (808) 238-5324

  • Address: 332 Keawe St, Hilo, Hawaii 96720

  • Service: Dine-In & Pick Up

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Pineapple’s Island Fresh Cuisine is located right in downtown Hilo — very close to our office. It is a New American restaurant that offers specialty cocktails in pineapples as well as a great atmosphere. This location is the only open-air restaurant in downtown Hilo. It is known for its islander-style, vegan, and gluten-free dishes. On top of the drinks and excellent food, Pineapple’s has live music every night as well as on Sundays from 12 PM – 3 PM.

  1. Hawaiian Style Cafe Hilo

  • Hours: Varies — please, check the website right below.

  • Website:

  • Phone Number: (808) 969-9265

  • Address: 681 Manono St, Hilo, Hawaii 96720

  • Service: Dine-In & Take-Out

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Image by Roguegunn Works on Google’s Hawaiian Style Cafe Listing

Hawaiian Style Cafe Hilo offers classic island comfort food with a nice open-air space and a modern establishment. They also have affordable gourmet meal options as well. Select from the world-famous Kalua Pork Hash or get something fresh like a delicious poke bowl. The restaurant offers vegetarian options to meet everyone’s needs too. And many of their ingredients are homemade. It’s a popular place, but they promise you won’t wait long to eat!

  1. Liquid Life Hilo

  • Hours: Closed Sundays | Open 8 AM – 5 PM

    • Saturdays: Open from 10 AM – 5 PM

  • Website:

  • Phone Number: (808) 333-5538

  • Address: 697 Manono St Suite 101A, Hilo, Hawaii 96720

  • Service: Dine-In, Take-Out, Delivery

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Image by Reem M on Google’s Liquid Life Hilo Listing

Liquid Life Hilo is a fresh health food restaurant with a beautiful plant-filled outdoor dining patio. The menu is healthy and vibrant with freshly blended smoothies, smoothie bowls, and organic sourdough avocado toasts. Not only that, but they offer sandwiches, specialty dishes like burgers and burritos, as well as a tasty Breakfast Menu. This establishment has multiple locations, so they are sure to meet your desires. A big plus is that they are focused on health!

The Best Business Out of All Car Rental Companies — Car in Hawaii

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If you are looking for a rental car to drive to these yummy places, Car In Hawaii offers the most affordable prices out of all car rental companies. Our vehicles are well-maintained and local-styled, so you’ll feel like family driving around the island.

Our company offers a wide selection of rental vehicles from compact cars to 4x4s. We want your journey to the island’s healthiest restaurants to be safe. When you’re ready to visit the island, go to Car In Hawaii’s website to book your reservation today! Aloha!

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