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Hire Car Rental and Visit Kona Side Farmers’ Markets with Car In Hawaii

Check out these Kona Side farmers’ markets while you’re on The Big Island of Hawaii with Car In Hawaii rental vehicles. Hire car rental today!

Whether you need to hire a car rental or if you live in Hawaii — you have to go to farmers’ markets. The marketplaces are the heartbeats of the island. They provide fresh produce, delicious cooked and prepared foods, as well as local arts and crafts. 

Not only that, but many markets offer music and entertainment. Some exist near beautiful beaches too. Farmers’ markets are something that you do not want to miss while you’re on The Big Island!

Call Car In Hawaii to Hire Car Rental

If you are planning a trip to The Big Island of Hawaii and are seeking a rental car, you’ve come to the right place. Car In Hawaii provides the best quotes on the entire island. 

The reason why is because our company offers a Low-Price Guarantee. If you find a quote to hire a car rental for a lower price than Car In Hawaii — we’ll match it and offer an extra discount on top. Book your reservation today!

So, you’ll probably want to get some food after receiving your rental car. Check out these farmers’ markets in the Kailua-Kona area.

The Kona Farmers’ Market (AKA The Kona Villiage Farmers’ Market)

  • Hours: Wednesday – Sunday, 7 AM to  4 PM
  • Address: 75-5767 Ali‘i Dr, Kailua-Kona, HI 96740

The Kona Farmers’ Market is located in the center of Kona. It’s the biggest market. There are more than 40+ market vendors. You’ll find local produce, Kona coffee, flowers, and arts and crafts. Not to mention, the beach is only a minute away!

Ali’i Garden Market Place

Ali’i Garden Market Place is a small and friendly market in Kona. Not only will you find fresh fruits and veggies, but you’ll be able to get delicious meals from food vendors. Try the smoothies, BBQ, and desserts. There’s also cool Hawaiian stuff and clothes for sale!

Keauhou Farmers’ Market

Keauhou Farmers’ Market takes place in the Keauhou Shopping Center. At this smaller market, you’ll find fish and bread alongside the usual local produce. Uniquely, this location has live music. So, dance in the parking lot and enjoy the weekend with fresh juice and fruits. 

Ho’oulu Community Farmers’ Market

  • Hours: Wednesday, 9 AM to 2 PM
  • Address: 78-128 Ehukai St, Kailua-Kona, HI 96740 (Sheraton Kona Resort & Spa at Keauhou Bay)
  • Website: 

Ho’oulu Community Farmers’ Market is held on the Sheraton Kona Resort & Spa’s lawn. This is a bigger market where you’ll find up to 40 vendors that sell more local arts and crafts compared to other farmers’ markets in the area. You’ll also be able to get local produce as well. 

Hire Your Car Rental with Car In Hawaii

In the end, these markets are the perfect places to grab your produce, quick meals, and gifts. They’re also great for connecting with the local community to learn about destination stops on the island. Farmers’ markets are a must while you’re visiting or living in Hawaii.

So, hire car rental with Car In Hawaii and check out the Kona community offerings!

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Car In Hawaii Provides the Most Affordable Car Rental Quotes

Did you know you can get car rental quotes from our company, Car In Hawaii, online? Book to rent your local-styled vehicle on The Big Island of Hawaii today!

Screen Shot 2022-08-31 at 15.56.14

Why Get a Car Rental Quote from Car In Hawaii?

To begin, Car In Hawaii is a small local business based on The Big Island of Hawaii. We provide rental vehicles on a daily, weekly, and even monthly basis with the most affordable rates.

If you’re wondering why you should get a car rental quote from our company then continue reading this blog post.

We Have the Best Prices

Car In Hawaii has the best prices available. We beat all competition. Not only are our car rental quotes affordable, but they come with a Low-Cost Guarantee.

Our Low-Cost Guarantee is simple. If you get a car rental quote from another car rental company that’s less than our rates — we’ll match it and beat it by offering 5% off on top of the matched quote.

We Have Delivery Options

Car In Hawaii has delivery options too. This includes drop-off and pick-up. Our delivery fees are extremely reasonable. If you’re arriving at the airport in Kona Side or Hilo — definitely ask about our delivery services.

Getting your rental vehicle delivered to you will save time and effort. It will move you past the hassle of getting a car rental quote in person if you happen to be arriving on the islands after a long journey. Car In Hawaii wants your first experience to be filled with Aloha, not stress.

We Have Local-Styled Vehicles

Car In Hawaii has local-styled vehicles that will make your trip more comfortable. Rather than sticking out like a sore thumb at the beaches, rent one of our vehicles to blend in with the locals.

Moreover, it’s sad to say, but there are some areas on the islands that are known for theft. Having a local-styled vehicle will help your belongings stay safer. However, we are not liable for any stolen personal belongings.

Car In Hawaii Serving The Big Island of Hawaii

Screen Shot 2022-08-31 at 15.56.38

Since the beginning, our company has been based on The Big Island of Hawaii. We pride our service because we have been providing rental vehicles to locals and tourists alike. Everyone gets the same car rental quote rates even if you’re visiting from overseas.

So, if you are planning a trip to The Big Island of Hawaii or if you live on the island, you can be sure that Car In Hawaii will take care of you like family. We will provide you not only with an affordable car but a safe one for your travels around our beautiful island.

Get Your Car Rental Quote Today

Screen Shot 2022-08-31 at 15.56.53

Finally, contact our company to get car rental quotes for your trip dates as soon as you need them. If you’re booking in the peak season, we cannot guarantee a rental for you. The busiest times to visit The Big Island are the summer months when the kids are out of school; with July being the busiest, and winter holidays being the second busiest.

If you are planning on staying a while — our rental rates get even more affordable. The longer you rent, the lower the rates. So, get your car rental quote today!

We look forward to seeing you on the island.


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The Best Restaurants With Open-Air or Outdoor Seating in Hilo

Here are the three best places to eat in Hilo with open-air or outdoor seating as recommended by Car In Hawaii — the best business out of all rental car companies on the island.

Screen Shot 2022-08-31 at 15.42.39

Car In Hawaii is the best out of all car rental companies on The Big Island of Hawaii. We want you to stay safe and comfortable during your travels — especially when eating out. If you prefer eating with breathable seating conditions during the pandemic, we hope that you will enjoy this blog post.

During the pandemic, it’s nice to find places to eat with good and comfortable seating accommodations. Businesses to eat at with open-air or outdoor seating are refreshing. In this blog post, the restaurants were specifically chosen because of their seated arrangements as well as their high ratings. We hope that you and your family stay safe and enjoy dining out in Hilo, Hawaii.

Please remember, Car In Hawaii is here for your transportation needs. There are many car rental companies in Hawaii, but we are here with the most affordable prices on the island. If you are looking to visit the island or you live here and need a vehicle, contact us today to schedule an appointment by calling us at 808-936-6347. Mahalo.

So, first on our list of the top three places to eat with fresh Aloha air seating is…

  1. Pineapple’s Island Fresh Cuisine

  • Hours: Closed Mondays | Daily 11 AM – 9 PM

    • Fridays & Saturdays: Open until 9:30 PM

    • Happy Hour: 3 PM – 5 PM

  • Website:

  • Phone Number: (808) 238-5324

  • Address: 332 Keawe St, Hilo, Hawaii 96720

  • Service: Dine-In & Pick Up

Screen Shot 2022-08-31 at 15.42.51

Image from

Pineapple’s Island Fresh Cuisine is located right in downtown Hilo — very close to our office. It is a New American restaurant that offers specialty cocktails in pineapples as well as a great atmosphere. This location is the only open-air restaurant in downtown Hilo. It is known for its islander-style, vegan, and gluten-free dishes. On top of the drinks and excellent food, Pineapple’s has live music every night as well as on Sundays from 12 PM – 3 PM.

  1. Hawaiian Style Cafe Hilo

  • Hours: Varies — please, check the website right below.

  • Website:

  • Phone Number: (808) 969-9265

  • Address: 681 Manono St, Hilo, Hawaii 96720

  • Service: Dine-In & Take-Out

Screen Shot 2022-08-31 at 15.48.25

Image by Roguegunn Works on Google’s Hawaiian Style Cafe Listing

Hawaiian Style Cafe Hilo offers classic island comfort food with a nice open-air space and a modern establishment. They also have affordable gourmet meal options as well. Select from the world-famous Kalua Pork Hash or get something fresh like a delicious poke bowl. The restaurant offers vegetarian options to meet everyone’s needs too. And many of their ingredients are homemade. It’s a popular place, but they promise you won’t wait long to eat!

  1. Liquid Life Hilo

  • Hours: Closed Sundays | Open 8 AM – 5 PM

    • Saturdays: Open from 10 AM – 5 PM

  • Website:

  • Phone Number: (808) 333-5538

  • Address: 697 Manono St Suite 101A, Hilo, Hawaii 96720

  • Service: Dine-In, Take-Out, Delivery

Screen Shot 2022-08-31 at 15.48.38

Image by Reem M on Google’s Liquid Life Hilo Listing

Liquid Life Hilo is a fresh health food restaurant with a beautiful plant-filled outdoor dining patio. The menu is healthy and vibrant with freshly blended smoothies, smoothie bowls, and organic sourdough avocado toasts. Not only that, but they offer sandwiches, specialty dishes like burgers and burritos, as well as a tasty Breakfast Menu. This establishment has multiple locations, so they are sure to meet your desires. A big plus is that they are focused on health!

The Best Business Out of All Car Rental Companies — Car in Hawaii

Screen Shot 2022-08-31 at 15.48.49

If you are looking for a rental car to drive to these yummy places, Car In Hawaii offers the most affordable prices out of all car rental companies. Our vehicles are well-maintained and local-styled, so you’ll feel like family driving around the island.

Our company offers a wide selection of rental vehicles from compact cars to 4x4s. We want your journey to the island’s healthiest restaurants to be safe. When you’re ready to visit the island, go to Car In Hawaii’s website to book your reservation today! Aloha!

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  1. Google Search: “best restaurants in hilo with outdoor seating”


Stay at a Top Local Hotel With the Best Hawaiian Car Rental Company

Here are the best-rated and priced local hotels in Hawaii. After you book a reservation, reserve your rental car booking with Car In Hawaii.

Google Reviews for this blog post were viewed on November 26, 2021.

If you’re coming to visit The Big Island of Hawaii, you’ll want a rental car booking along with the best hotel matched just for you. Look no further than this blog post. We’ll provide you with five top-rated budget hotels as well as the best-priced vehicle rental out of all rental vehicle companies — Car In Hawaii!

Below you will find the nicest, most affordable, and most local hotels that are highly rated on Google with 4.5 starts or more. Next, after snagging your room reach out to us — Car In Hawaii — for your rental car.

Now, for the top budget hotels on The Big Island of Hawaii.

  1. Hāmākua Guesthouse and Camping Cabanas

Screen Shot 2022-08-31 at 15.32.57

Image from

Google Rating:


Excellent | 119 reviews

Address: 28-1435 Old Mamalahoa Hwy, Pepeekeo, HI 96783, United States

Phone Number: +1 808-339-6191


The Hāmākua Guesthouse and Camping Cabanas are by far one of the most unique living places. They offer hammock camping cabanas, private cabins, and private rooms. The awesome destination overlooks the sea and has spotless shared amenities. Remember, visit Car In Hawaii’s website for your rental car booking after planning your stay in hammocks.

  1. Hawaiian Ohana Home

Screen Shot 2022-08-31 at 15.33.08

Image from

Google Rating:


Excellent | 21 reviews

Address: 752 Haihai St, Hilo, HI 96720, United States

Phone Number: +1 808-937-6015


The Hawaiian Ohana Home will make you feel right at home and like family. Ditch the cookie-cutter corporate hotels and make yourself a fresh dinner alongside new friends. The beautiful property is enclosed in tropical vegetation. Plus, there is a golf course on-site. You will definitely enjoy the relaxing vibes there.

  1. Hawaii Island Resort

Screen Shot 2022-08-31 at 15.33.25

Image from

Google Rating:


Excellent | 67 reviews

Address: 94-6263 Kamaoa Rd, Naalehu, HI 96772, United States

Phone Number: +1 808-785-6456


The Hawaii Island Resort has an elegant style. One of the best parts? It has a swimming pool. The hotel also has a huge kitchen, a 24-hour gym, a pool table, and a giant grass yard in front of the building. The location is near beaches and is situated in a rural area. You will feel like local royalty staying here.

  1. Aaron’s Cottage

Screen Shot 2022-08-31 at 15.33.35

Image from

Google Rating:


Excellent | 68 reviews

Address: 54 Keokea Loop, Hilo, HI 96720, United States

Phone Number: +1 808-969-9846


Aaron’s Cottage makes for a very independent island experience. Choose your living accommodations from a range of bungalows and private rooms — or a personal beach house. The property is located within a five-minute walking distance of beautiful beaches. Take it easy on this tropical and cozy getaway location.

  1. Kamuela Inn

Screen Shot 2022-08-31 at 15.33.46

Image from

Google Rating:


Excellent | 124 reviews

Address: 65-1300 Kawaihae Rd, Waimea, HI 96743, United States

Phone Number: +1 808-885-4243


The Kamuela Inn is a classy resort. It features ADA accommodations, amazingly designed rooms and suites, and a dining hall. The property hosts special events too. The lodging includes a variety of rooms and suites to suit your rich needs. This hotel is known for its hospitality, you cannot go wrong staying at their inn.

Why Car In Hawaii Is the Best Out of All Car Rental Companies

At Car In Hawaii, we want you to stay like a local. So, we provide the same prices for locals and tourists alike. And we price match. So, if you find a better deal, we will beat it. Save up to 50% compared to big corporate companies. Support your local car rental companies today.

We hope that you enjoyed this list of the best local and affordable hotels on The Big Island of Hawaii. Don’t just support your favorite car rental company, check out the local hotels listed above today. We look forward to seeing you on the road on the island. Aloha.

Visit the Black, White, and Green Sand Beaches on the Big Island

Visit these colorful beaches after you book a car rental reservation with us. We have a website

We Make Reservations

Screen Shot 2022-08-31 at 15.24.42

When you rent a vehicle from Car In Hawaii, you can rely on us because we make reservations. Call or text our number 808-936-6347. Please text the following for the fastest service: dates needed, location, and how many seats.

After you have received your vehicle and are ready to explore, be sure to check out the colorful beaches on The Big Island of Hawaii. Spend sunny beach days soaking up the rays and breathing in the pure, fresh, and magical Aloha spirit.

Black, White, and Green Sand Beaches

One of the most remarkable traits of visiting Hawaii is the beaches. Not only are the waters and landscape gorgeous, but the unique trait of having colored beaches is novel to the entire world.

First on our list is The Green Sand Beach which is one of the only few green-colored beaches in the world!

Green Sand Beach

Screen Shot 2022-08-31 at 15.24.57

The Green Sand Beach on the southern end of The Big Island of Hawaii is one of the only green sand beaches on the planet. It was formed from a rare volcano eruption. The sand is green because of the lava’s green olivine crystals. When the material rises to meet the seawater, the hot lava turns into sand.

If you go to visit The Green Sand beach, please note that you will have to walk there. The destination is about three miles from the parking lot. You cannot drive any vehicles to the beach even if there are gates open. So, don’t drive your rental vehicle on the dirt.

The bluff walk to the beach takes less than an hour and is mostly flat. So, park your local rental car in the parking area then enjoy a nice walk. When you’re there, stay for an all-day-long beach session. And don’t forget to take pictures!

Black Sand Beaches

Next, there are many beautiful Black Sand Beaches in Hawaii. Why not visit them all? The reason why the sand is black is that it is made up of volcanic remnants and broken-up lava. The main component of these things is iron, a mineral that provides for the dense dark color.

Below, you will find a nice long list of places you can go to enjoy long beautiful beach days. Remember to bring a lot of water because the Black Sand Beaches can get extra hot. Don’t forget sunglasses, a hat, and sunblock too.

Screen Shot 2022-08-31 at 15.25.10

  • Punalu’u Beach

  • Kaimu Beach

  • Pohoiki Beach

  • Richardson Ocean Park Beach

  • Waipi’o Valley Beach

  • Pololu Valley Beach

White Sand Beaches

Screen Shot 2022-08-31 at 15.25.24

Finally, we come to the White Sand Beaches of The Big Island of Hawaii. The reason why white makes the color of the White Sand Beaches is that the sand is actually ground up coral. The material is made of a mineral that we have in our bones! The color of coral, when it is alive, ranges in many colors. We see this when we are scuba diving. In essence, White Sand Beaches are made of coral skeletons.

This classic and iconic colored beach makes us think about dipping our feet in the water and walking along the shore to find shells. So, when you’re at the White Sand Beaches, take long strolls and remember to enjoy the sunset.

Below is a list of many of the White Sand Beaches in Hawaii.

  • Anaehoomalu Bay

  • Carlsmith Beach Park

  • Kauna’oa Beach

  • Hapuna Beach

  • Anaeho’omalu Beach

  • Kuki’o Beach

  • Manini’owali Beach

  • Mahai’ula Beach

  • White Sands Beach Park

We Keep Reservations

At Car In Hawaii — we keep reservations. You can be sure that when you book a rental car reservation with us, you will have a vehicle during your stay. Whether you’re a local or a tourist, you will receive the same best rates and service.

Don’t wait, book your rental car today then look forward to your trip. If you want to know more information, feel free to check us out. We have a website — mahalo.




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Why Car In Hawaii Is the Best Car Rental Service Company

Car In Hawaii offers the best car rental prices on the Big Island of Hawaii. Plus, we have cars for sale.

Low-Price Guarantee

Screen Shot 2022-08-30 at 17.48.59

At Car In Hawaii, we price match any competitor’s price. If you have an offer from another car rental service company — we will beat it by offering you 5% off on top of the price match.

This is our Low-Price Guarantee; making us the most affordable car rental company on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Moreover, we offer long-term rentals that are even more affordable. Rent one of our safe vehicles on a weekly or monthly basis. The longer you rent, the lower the prices.

We have basic sedans, mid-range sedans, SUVs, 4×4’s, and vans. Our company offers a variety of car rental options to suit your unique transportation and travel needs.

Plus, we offer the same low prices to travelers and locals alike. Everyone here is family.

We Deliver Vehicles to You

Screen Shot 2022-08-30 at 17.49.39

Next, whenever you reserve a rental car from us, we offer to deliver and pick up the vehicle. So, wherever you are — we can drop off your rental car to you. And we can pick it up when you’re done too.

This is a service that is unique from big brand car rental companies. Supporting small local businesses truly has its advantages.

You can trust our company to deliver you a high-performing vehicle to meet all your transportation needs.

If you want to travel around town or stay in the area, we can help you out. Contact us about renting out a car, we have an email.

We are a local car rental service company operating in Hawaii. Since we offer the best prices and services, we want to let you know that our family business has many benefits.

Screen Shot 2022-08-30 at 17.49.27

Benefits of Supporting Our Local Car Rental Company

  • Better prices

  • More flexibility

  • Quality service

  • Easy communication

You can read our blog posts and plan your trip as much as you’d like, but nothing will compare to diving into the experience of being here in Hawaii — with a car.

If you’re a local and need a car rental, you’ve come to the right place. We have long-term rentals available for you. We have cars for sale too. Mahalo.

We Have Cars For Sale

Not only does Car In Hawaii have secure vehicles for rent, but we have cars for sale as well. If you are looking for a well-maintained and affordable car, then visit our office in Hilo.

Our lot has many styles of vehicles to choose from. Feel free to give us a call or send us an email. Come visit the office during opening hours, so that we can get you back on the road again.

We have an email — contact us as soon as you need a vehicle. We’re here to help you with your transportation needs.

Explore Three Waterfalls in Hilo With the Best Car Rental Company

Visit the beautiful waterfalls in Hilo with Car In Hawaii — the best car rental company.

Map out your journey on the Big Island of Hawaii with waterfalls. Book your reservation with the best local car rental company on the island. Then plan to go see the top three waterfalls near Hilo.

Remember to pack a reusable water bottle and a light raincoat for your fun hikes. Spend time around beautiful nature scenes. Live and breathe Aloha. 

To start, number one on our list…

1. ‘Akaka Falls

Screen Shot 2022-08-25 at 17.54.18

Screen Shot 2022-08-25 at 17.54.28

Images from Department of Land and Natural Resources Division of State Parks

‘Akaka Falls State Park will leave your mind and body refreshed. You’ll get to see two waterfalls on the trail. Visit Kahuna Falls along the way to the larger waterfall: ‘Akaka Falls. The scenic path is easy. It will only take 30 minutes round trip, but it will lead you through lovely tropical sights. Enjoy the flourishing green path to the magnificent 442-foot Waterfall.

  • Hours: 8 AM – 5 PM
  • Admission Fees: *Credit Card Only* 
    • $5 for non-residents
    • Parking Fee

  • Waterfall Heights:
    • ‘Akaka Falls: 442 ft.
    • Kahuna Falls: 100 ft.
  • Finding The Waterfall: Easy uphill trek from the ‘Akaka Falls Loop Trailhead

  • Trail: ‘Akaka Falls Loop Trail (0.4 miles)
  • Finding The Trailhead: Just off the parking lot

For more information visit

2. Rainbow (Waianuenue) Falls

Screen Shot 2022-08-25 at 17.54.45

The Rainbow Falls gets its name from the prisms that get reflected amid the falling waters. View the rainbows during special times of daylight. You are likely to catch sights of the beautiful prisms in the early mornings. The wide landscape hosts a lava cave behind the waterfall. This gorgeous attraction is on the Wailuku River. It’s very close to downtown Hilo. When you’re there, don’t forget to check out the small hike to see the Banyan trees, river, and a top view of the waterfall.

  • Hours: Daily during daylight hours
  • Admission Fees: Free

  • Waterfall Height: 80 ft.
  • Finding The Waterfall: Just in front of the parking lot

  • Trail: 15 min.
  • Finding The Trailhead: Stairs to the left of the lookout

3. Pe’epe’e Falls & The Boiling Pots

Screen Shot 2022-08-25 at 17.55.01

Photography by jongela19

Screen Shot 2022-08-25 at 17.55.11

Photography by ewen and donabel

Screen Shot 2022-08-25 at 17.55.23

Photograph of Boiling Pots by MikeOliveri

About one-and-a-half miles up the road from Rainbow Falls is Pe’epe’e Falls. At this location, you can visit the Pe’epe’e Waterfall and The Boiling Pots. The latter is a series of small tubs with rapid-filling waters that bubble up. They are not hot. The entire area is great for rock scrambling and adventurous treks off the beaten path.

Caution: The waterfalls will drop with varying intensity given the amount of rainfall up the river. There are many climates on the Big Island of Hawaii. You never know if it is raining anywhere along the 28-mile-long Wailuku River. So, swimming at Pe’epe’e Falls and The Boiling Pots can be fatal without proper guidance. 

  • Hours: Daily during daylight hours
  • Admission Fees: Free

  • Waterfall Height: About 80 ft.
  • Finding The Waterfall: Within Wailuku River State Park Boiling Pots Section

  • Trail: 0.3 m. to The Boiling Pots viewpoint
  • Finding The Trailhead: Parking lot of Wailuku River State Park Boiling Pots Section

Check out our map below for the exact location of the three waterfalls: ‘Akaka Falls, Rainbow (Waianuenue) Falls, Pe’epe’e Falls + The Boiling Pots for easy navigation.

You can be sure that your trip will run smoothly with the best car rental company in Hawaii. We want your waterfall adventures to be an experience of a lifetime with our trusted vehicles.

Plus, you’ll always get the same prices as the locals. Reserve your rental car with Car In Hawaii today. 

Price Guaranteed

Save up to 50% Compared to Big Brand Rental Car Companies in Hawaii

On the big island we often have a shortage in rental cars (read article from The Maui News) It is best to book your as early as you can.

Price Guarantee Best Car Rental Rate

At Car In Hawaii we will guarantee you best price. If you find a better price from another reputable company then please document the offer and provide it to us so that we may beat it. This offer will not be valid during peak seasons so book early to ensure the best price.

The Big Island offers the most diverse Hawaii Vacation. The largest island includes Kona Hilo Hawi Waimea PAHOA Puna Volcano Maunakea .

Quote “If you’re thinking about a Hawaiian vacation, you can do it at your own pace with Car In Hawaii. You want to swim, boat, shop till you drop, or just take in the sights of Hawaii’s best island, the Big Island and Maui offers some of the world’s best vacation locations. Car In Hawaii is an affordable and practical way to rent a car to see the sights – you can go where you want, when you want!

From the hundreds of miles of amazingly picturesque shoreline, unspoiled rainforests and lush, tropical countryside, to cultural centers for shopping, dining and relaxation, there’s something in Hawaii for everyone’s taste.

Jump in your choice of rental vehicle from Car In Hawaii and take a drive out to the stunning Waimea Canyon, stopping on the way to enjoy the scenery and have a picnic at one of the many beachside parks on the beautiful island of Hawaii.

Enjoy colorful sunsets and exquisite cuisines as you explore Hawaii’s Big Island and Maui for scores of parks, hiking and riding trails, and – of course – sport fishing and some hardcore surfing action.

If Hawaiian cultural and historical sites are more to your liking you’ll have plenty to choose from. Why not visit Big Island ? Hawaii has something to offer everyone – singles, couples, and families alike. If you’re looking for a truly unforgettable vacation experience you’ll find plenty to thrill your senses on the wonderful Hawaiian Islands, and Car In Hawaii will get you there!”

Rat Lungworm in Hawaii is Not New-And Tourists Have the Right to Be Informed

Thanks for the well written article . I’ll be Sharing on a few tourism related websites.
I have NO faith in Hawaii dept of health to respond appropriately. The success with dengue was in spite of a delayed response.

Rat Lungworm Awareness

Rat lungworm disease, a brain-invading parasite that humans contract through slugs and snails, has been making national and international news lately as a number of recent cases have been reported in Hawaii. Some of the news articles carry a tone as if rat lungworm is a new thing to Hawaii; like it snuck up on us and caught everyone here by surprise.

 It may be new to Maui, but it has been here on the Big Island since around 2004, mostly in the island’s southeastern district of Puna. Here in Puna, everyone seems to know someone who has suffered from rat lungworm disease. It’s been on a lot of our minds for years. Now, it’s spreading and cases of infections are increasing.


There is much criticism that the Hawaii State Department of Health has not been doing an effective job of educating people (especially tourists) about risks of rat lungworm disease…

View original post 649 more words

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