While pricing may vary depending on season, these are our standard prices. The longer you rent, the better of a deal you get.

Peak rates $75- $250 and discounts may not apply


$75/basic cars

$100-150/ 4×4 or van

Three Days:

$150 basic car

$300 4×4 or van


$350 for basic sedan

$400 mid-range sedan or SUV

$700 4×4 or van


$900 basic sedan

$1000 mid-range sedan or SUV

$1400 4×4 or van

These prices do not include 4% tax and the $3/daily state rental tax.


Delivery/Pick up (2 way) to Kona side $150

Lost keys- $200+ or cost

Smoking/cleaning Fee- up to $250 (do not smoke in vehicles!)

To reserve a rental vehicle, payment is due in full. You agree to pay for the rental vehicle in advance. Our prices reflect that we have some older vehicles and some nonessential features may be inoperable.

Cars are not allowed off pavement or on mountain roads (Hwy 200 or others) with out advance special permission. 

Refunds: We will reserve a vehicle for you which means we are unable to rent it to someone else. Therefore it may be NON-REFUNDABLE. There are generally no refunds for early-returns.